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Precision Targeting

Find and target your best consumers based on more than 100 criteria including hyper-local / geographic, device/OS/browser, demographic, user behavior and domain context.

Massive Reach

Access to 98% of Internet users via 75+ exchanges including OpenX, Rubicon, Pubmatic, Sovrn, Facebook and Google.


Advanced automatic optimization continuously improves your campaign’s effectiveness. Ongoing testing of advertisements and domain inventory ensures low CPA and high ROI.

Multiple Ad Formats

Target consumers with various advertising formats including mobile, video and apps.

Strategic Support

Highly experienced marketing professionals that can help you with media planning, bidding strategy and campaign execution.

Free To Use

The Roxbury Exchange is completely free to use with no contracts or obligations.



Daily Ad Views



The Roxbury Agency, LLC.  is a full-service digital advertising and marketing company specializing in digital customer acquisition campaigns, traffic and audience building, digital media planning and buying, online video initiatives and syndication, monetization strategies, digital platform penetration, online political and fund-raising initiatives, and senior citizen and older demographic digital initiatives. As veterans of the online marketing and advertising industry, we saw specific needs to serve customers who prefer an agency that integrates a seamless extension of their in-house marketing and advertising initiatives and efforts. Our team is comprised of dedicated practitioners, who handle each and every account and campaign, with meticulous focus on performance goals, optimization efforts, and maximizing ROI. No matter your company size or focus, a successful digital campaign is fueled by your business goals. Our team works with you to bring digital strategy to life, spiraling around the realities of today, with the possibilities of tomorrow in mind.


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